I love Bombay — or Mumbai, as most Americans probably know it these days. I have roots in the city through marriage, and I’ve been visiting since 1986, most recently last summer…READ MORE


I may be the last publicly pessimistic person in Philadelphia. It’s the fashion, since the primary election victory of Michael Nutter, to stifle one’s pessimism and berate any hint of it detected in others…READ MORE

A consensus is forming that Philadelphia’s violence epidemic finally demands an extraordinary response. Outrage has covered the pages of both newspaper s for weeks now. And yesterday the collection of reporting and opinion in the Daily News made me chastened but proud to be a Philadelphian…READ MORE 

The “public trust” aspect of newspapers is a bloated, facile and ultimately incoherent basis for running a newspaper. And the new ownership of the Daily News and Inky give us a chance to abandon the idea. In February, I offered some advice to imaginary investors in our papers. The gist: Let the papers compete with each other, prioritize the day’s events for readers and dominate the local market…READ MORE