In a world that demands simple solutions for complex problems, it is easy to look at the Copenhagen climate talks as a disappointment or even a disaster. There was a hope among many, and even an expectation among some, that 193 nations would sign a treaty reconciling a huge list of divided interests: developed versus developing economies, transparency versus sovereignty, existing technology versus emerging technology, and so on… READ MORE


Congratulations to Mayor Nutter on naming an invigorating new sustainability director for Philadelphia. Katherine Gajewski is a splendid choice to realize the mayor’s ambition that Philadelphia become “the greenest city in America.”…READ MORE

‘The greenest city in America.” That’s the ambitious goal Mayor Nutter has set for Philadelphia. The attention and energy focused by this goal is our opportunity to reposition and repurpose Philadelphia as a city of the future and with a future…READ MORE

Center City Philadelphia has the nation’s largest concentration of people who walk to work. This quality is Center City’s biggest comparative advantage in the region and, by extension,
one of Philadelphia’s greatest assets. Center City embodies the values that New Urbanists across the country can only dream about…READ MORE