In a world that demands simple solutions for complex problems, it is easy to look at the Copenhagen climate talks as a disappointment or even a disaster. There was a hope among many, and even an expectation among some, that 193 nations would sign a treaty reconciling a huge list of divided interests: developed versus developing economies, transparency versus sovereignty, existing technology versus emerging technology, and so on… READ MORE


Congratulations to Mayor Nutter on naming an invigorating new sustainability director for Philadelphia. Katherine Gajewski is a splendid choice to realize the mayor’s ambition that Philadelphia become “the greenest city in America.”…READ MORE

These days, I spend most of my time struggling to keep up with my fellow architecture students at Penn’s School of Design. But on Tuesday afternoons,I walk to the other end of campus and teach my policy students at the Fels Institute of Government…READ MORE

“Who chooses?” is a fundamental question in politics. And it’s one that the professionals hate leaving to us ordinary folks. Over the centuries, the pros have trumpeted democracy while devising tricks to narrow “Who chooses ?” to their own purposes…READ MORE