In a world that demands simple solutions for complex problems, it is easy to look at the Copenhagen climate talks as a disappointment or even a disaster. There was a hope among many, and even an expectation among some, that 193 nations would sign a treaty reconciling a huge list of divided interests: developed versus developing economies, transparency versus sovereignty, existing technology versus emerging technology, and so on… READ MORE


When John Heisman coached football at Franklin Field in the 1920s (yes, the namesake of the Heisman Trophy played and coached at Penn), it was a single-tier stadium…READ MORE

The High Line is a Depression-era elevated rail freight line that runs for almost a mile and a half above street-level and along and through buildings in a part of lower Manhattan that once bustled with factories and warehouses. Active for about 50 years, the steel viaduct was abandoned by the 1980s and became an overgrown secret garden for graffiti artists and urban explorers…READ MORE

What grade-school boy hasn’t dreamed of dismantling the buildings that imprison him on a beautiful October day? Bob Beaty is living that dream. But for him, it’s an act of respect, not rebellion. Along with his partners, Beaty runs an architectural salvage and deconstruction company called Provenance… READ MORE